Reading of “Walk”

A walk is just a walk, isn’t it? When I walk, I walk with my head’s crown heavenward, my nose flared inhaling maximum oxygen, my hips swaying effortlessly right to left and left to right, my torso inflated like royalty, my arms swinging backward and forward, my feet propelling me forward with each stride, and my ankles pivoting in a flex on the forward stride and a point on the backward push off. A walk is just movements of the anatomy, isn’t it?

Nope, walking is more than just the body’s movements. A walk teaches. Walking, like life, is about progress. 

Is a life just about birth, eating and drinking, education, career, career advancement, dating, courtship, marriage, children, new house? Nope, life’s more than just a series of events. Life, like walking, is about progress.

Walking and life resemble each other. Each is about making progress from start to finish. Arrival at a desired location takes step by step. Each step seeds its own importance, and the start and finish generously shares equal importance an each step. Without steps the start and finish fade into oblivion. Without a start and finish the walk devolves into wandering.

Take a walk. Occasionally, during the walk, stop and admire your progress. At the walk’s end reflect on the walk and swell with pride knowing your body, your breath, your beating desires, and your will have moved you from start to finish; you will have made progress and that’s what life is all about.

Photo by Arek Adeoye on Unsplash

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