Pen and Pad

The pen and pad stands for the best of what could be. They are the physical representations of the way the world can arrange itself. With the physical eyes the world looks a certain way, it looks as is. But, with a pen and pad in hand the world may burst forth with new life. The pen and pad represents a human’s ability to transition their life from past to present, from present to future, from pain to promise. Like HG Wells pushes readers to ponder the future in the Time Machine so too the pen and pad pushes the reader to see beyond the world’s current arrangement. In the end the pen and pad gives the writer and reader a place to plant their hopes knowing that things will be as the pen and pad says they’ll be. If used with care and precision, the pen and pad destroys long held beliefs and structures and builds new ones. As a result, some will embrace the pen and pad living in new and improved worlds while others will push the pen and pad away like a baby offered a spoonful of flavorless peas. Grab a pen and a pad and use words to usher in new worlds.

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