SO WHAT To Fear of Failure

Thanks to Melanie Wasser for sharing their work on Unsplash.

I fear failure. I fear standing in front of an audience to speak and seeing blank stares on their faces. As a teacher, I fear of walking into a classroom and losing the attention of my students. I fear that when I get to the end of my career, my life will not have made an impact.

Do you fear anything? Do you fear being separated from a spouse? Do you fear losing a major source of income? Do you fear being misunderstood by loved ones?

Well I have two words to say to the fear of failure: SO WHAT

Say SO WHAT to fear of failure because failure refines focus.

Say SO WHAT to fear of failure because failure provides precise purpose.

Say SO WHAT to failure because failure helps determines your direction.

So what do some people say about failure? Some fear failure so much they say failure does not exist. They pretend there’s no such thing as failure. On the contrary, fear and failure are real. Although, these two states are real, they lack power to control our lives negatively.

So what are the two features of failure which make it real?

  1. Failure is the inability to accomplish a goal.
  2. Mr. Heartache arrives at our doorstep when real failure shows up; they are friends.

Today say so what to the following things:

  • Say “SO WHAT” to the heartache that comes from yesterday’s failures because yesterday’s failures help you to refine your focus.
  • Say “SO WHAT” to fear and heartache that comes from today’s failures because today’s failures help to make your purpose more precise.
  • Say “SO WHAT” to fear of tomorrow’s failures because tomorrow’s failures determine your direction.

Get out, go, and grow!

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