How Failure Can Refine Your Focus

You’ve failed. So what! Celebrate your failure. Failure – big or small – helps you to grow clarity about what your gut and heart guides you to do. Failure refines your focus.

When failure comes to you, don’t divert it, instead, try to allow it to fix your focus on life’s most essential matters, like family, friends, and your own wellness.

I’ve failed and will fail many times so I know failure can hurt and it is scary too. But, there is a growth opportunity there for you. To expect failure is to expect growth.

How do you grow? You sow seed. Some seeds grow into plants and other seeds do not. Just sow more seeds – try to sow them in a different place.

Sow seeds by starting things your heart starves to do. Just a friendly reminder, things often won’t go your predetermined way. Allow the broken relationships, career moves changes, or failed business ideas to refine your focus rather than deflate you. Failure fixes your focus.

Get out, sow, and grow.

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