How Growing a Garden Helps to Improve Leadership

If you’re alive you are a leader. Growing a garden will help you to grow you as a leader. Here are a few ways:

Growing a garden helps your envisioning skills.

  • Don’t leaders need vision? Starting a garden requires you to envision what type it will be. Will you grow food or flowers? Leaders hold mental maps of the direction and destination they’re leading; gardening helps cultivate the envisioning skill.

Growing a garden helps you see yourself as a creator.

  • How will the garden grow unless you create it? The dirt is the blank canvas for your vision. Wherever you see meaningful creative work there is a creator behind the work (notice I’m using the little “c” because I assumed the Creator partners with the creation to create).

Growing a garden helps you see results take work.

  • Will the garden in your mind create itself? Do I really need to answer that? DO THE WORK! In order to grow the garden clear off space, dig holes, place seeds/seedlings into the the hole, and water. Take action on your vision. Leadership takes this kind of effort so start this work on yourself.

Do you want your vision to spring up? Envision, Create and Work. Growing a garden will help you to grow your vision, to see yourself as a creator, and to get your hands dirty. Go and Grow!

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