Sowing and Growing: How to mentor students

Did you know a tomato can fall from the tomato tree plant and create another tree just like it? A teacher is just like a tree that plants its own seeds. 

Teachers, like tomatoes, plant seeds. Our seeds go into the hearts and minds of our students. The more seeds we plant the greater the chance to cultivate a plant that thinks and acts like us. 
I aim to practice loving leadership and compassionate communication. One good way for me to plant seeds is by recognizing individuals with the same leadership and communication interests. Then, I have him/her shadow me at meetings I lead, and evaluate my presentations and teaching. As they grow I assist them to create leadership and communication opportunities for themselves. Seed sown; seed grown. Growthucation. 
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  1. Bryan those are encouraging words that I sometimes forget. Planting the seed is always happening and the first step to creating growth in a student.

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