Inside Out


Look at the image of my garden. Notice the tomato trees. Notice the leafy greens in the garden. Look at the green pots on the far side of the picture. Observe the forks in the garden which are there, by the way, to keep cats out. Check out the raised bed; it is four feet by six feet.

This image that you see first existed in my mind. It happened from the inside out.

Too many of us live life without an image of who we want to become and where we wish to go. There are three steps to achievement.

1. Create in your mind what you want to see in life. The first creation of any grand thing takes place first in the mind. This garden does not happen if I don’t first envision it. The garden as you see it first needed to find its creation inside of me.

2. Believe that you can bring that thing in your head into reality. Your belief depends on one thing…YOU. You can believe you can do it or not. You choose. A lack of skill or talent can’t hold you back from seeing your dream come into reality only you can. Step aside and let yourself believe.

3. Take action on that thing that is in your heart. While you take action keep the image of your dream in your heart and mind and believe that you’ll complete the task.

Take these three simple steps and notice the miracle of creation that happens. It will always happen from the inside out.

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