Difficulties Drive Your Dreams

Days can be difficult; use difficulties to drive your dreams.

Today I had a difficult day. There were many unfavorable things that happened. If I was not aware of my feelings I would have become discouraged. Many things did not go my way. I had to make many adjustments and alterations to my plans. Many rude acting people surrounded me.

All of this got to me.

By the day’s end I left discouraged.

I called a friend and after our conversation, I was grateful for the difficult day. I realized difficult days help us in 5 ways:

  1. Difficult days soften us to the leading of God.
  2. Difficult days remind us that we have work to do to accomplish our dream.
  3. Be thankful for the day’s difficulties.
  4. Take action on your vision as a response to the difficult day.
  5. Go on a 30 day fast of negativity. Replace all negativity with your vision. Be diligent. This is your most important work –  and it’s hard.

Look for your difficult days to teach you meaningful lessons about life.

Add a comment below and give one lesson you’ve learned from difficult days.

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