Believe What You Want to Believe

Believe what you want to believe.

Many times we stay out of harm’s way by believing what others want us to believe. We merge our beliefs with their beliefs. When we do that other people are happy; other people are satisfied, but we are not.

The real test of the human spirit is our capacity to move our own will toward believing what we want to believe. We don’t have to believe other people’s beliefs. We don’t have to believe if we don’t believe their beliefs there’s trouble coming our way. We are not ties to others’ principles. We are not obliged to belief other peoples’ beliefs.

More important than believing others’ thoughts is the fact that we ought to believe what we believe. We ought to hold true to our own hearts, our own inclinations, and our own passions. That should be our belief. We aren’t bound, chained, tied, or shackled to anyone else’s belief about anything.

If you’re in a situation where you’re attached to someone else’s beliefs, break the attachment today! Loose yourself from other’s beliefs and enter into the freedom that exists when you believe your own beliefs. Come to your own conclusions about life’s most important affairs.

This is an enjoyable experience. Anyone who’d rob you of your own beliefs should be shunned. Ignore them and do not listen to their words.

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