5 Actions to Accomplish Goals

There are five actions one must take in order accomplish goals (use the attached template to help you work through the process — thank you to Stacy Ramirez for making this template).


1. Set the goal. Try to write it our in 10 words exactly.

2. Draw your starting point. Your starting point is your current reality. Use dark colors to dissuade your brain from finding the image attractive. If your brain is uninterested in your current state, it will look to the after state for excitement.

3. Draw all of your desires on the right side of the tree. This side of the tree is call the after state. Make sure that you use brilliant colors so that your mind would find it attractive. If your mind finds that side attractive, it will look for ways to make this image a reality.

4.  Next write down three to five actions that you’ll take in order to accomplish the goal. The actions must have a time, date, and location.

5. Calenderize all actions immediately and hold yourself to all actions. If you must edit any action feel free but when you edit the action make sure you have a time, date, and location for the new action that takes its place.


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