Create Your Ideal Self

Every day is an opportunity to create yourself.

But today a class I taught did not live out this concept. They acted like middle schoolers act often. They were unfocused and disrespectful. They threw the “N” word around freely.

I stopped instruction and simply told them what I observed. Their actions and behaviors revealed a deeper issue. They seemed to see themselves as losers, failures, and even worse nobodies. Many people around them, including adults, describe them in these negative ways. They accepted these descriptions of themselves and their actions showed this truth. They did not paint this picture of themselves for themselves other people told them these things and they embraced it.

This is an issue that many adults also possess. Many adults are created by others opinions rather than their own. We must illustrate for ourselves the type of character and outcomes we’d like to see in our own lives.

Listen to the stories to for you, about you. Are they true? If they are untrue, do you accept those stories or reject them.  If others tell stories about you and you agree with them because they are true to you, then accept them. On the contrary, if others tell untrue stories, reject the story and tell your own story about yourself for yourself.

Today is the day to stop accepting other people’s opinions and stories about you. It is a day for you to start to create a clear, vibrant, and vivacious new you. Be certain of what you’re here to do and why you exist. Know what you’re here to do moment by moment and step by step.

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