A Good Use of Gratitude

Once I went on a field trip to a local private college with middle schoolers. I know for some of us that does not sound like a good day. By the end of the field trip I realized that meaningful relationships are established through a sincere use of gratitude. A tutor at our school put together a phenomenal field trip to LMU. It was one of the best college visits that we’ve had because the LMU students who gave the tours treated our students so graciously and kindly. They purchased different items for the middle schools out of the kindness of their own hearts. They gave their time freely and were extremely generous to the students. The LMU students gave more than we asked them to give. To my surprise our middle school students were very grateful.

As this exchange took place between the LMU students and middle school students I sat back and observed. Grace and gratitude filled the air. When it was time to go, it was hard for both parties to depart from one another. It got a bit emotional.

This was a powerful image and it taught me that meaningful relationships are deepened through the sincere use of gratitude.

We can offer gratitude to anyone, the universe, God, or anything at any time as a sincere act. A sincere use of gratitude is transformative. Gratitude softens hearts and changes lives.

Grow in gratitude each day for four reasons:

  1. Gratitude is medicine for the one who gives and receives it. 
  1. Gratitude changes a person’s heart (giver and receiver). 
  1. Most of us don’t hear words of gratitude often. 

Pause today and tell someone thank you! Use gratitude to create meaningful relationships and watch love grow. Watch yourself accomplish dreams because of your gratitude. Watch how others respond to you and become more receptive to you.

Growth happens when we use appreciation to deepen meaningful relationships.



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