Commuting with a Cause

Use your commute to change your own life.

How long are you in the car per day? I’m on the road for a total of ten hours a week and 40 hours a month. This means I have plenty of time to create myself into the person of my choice; the person in my heart to be.

We have choices while in the car. Will you create yourself or will you allow yourself to be the creation of another? Will you grow as a person or waste the valuable time you have with yourself?

  1. Listen to audio books.
  2. Listen to inspirational podcasts.
  3. Listen to motivational speakers from YouTube.
  4. Record your mission and vision on an audio and listen to it over and over again.

Place a 3×5 card in your car of your mission and vision. Review it continually while you drive. Say to yourself over and over again untiy you are 100% sure you will accomplish all that’s on that card.

Take interest in getting better today than you were yesterday. Notice the growth and marvel at what God and an eager being can co-create. Use your time on the road to remake yourself into your ideal being.






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