Motivational Habits

Cultivate motivational habits early in your day.

Early in the morning is the best time to motivate yourself. Why wait until later in the day to do so? Here are three habits to consider to motivate you to start your day:

  1. Turn on YouTube and listened to motivational speeches that fired me up! Clips are as short as a few minutes.   
  2. Listen to motivational podcasts. My favorite is Entreprenuer on Fire.
  3. Listen to an audiobook. My most recent motivational audio books was Instinct by TD Jakes and Think Like a Freak
  4. Connect with people who spark movitivation with you and you in them.
  5. Avoid people who spread negativity. Do not listen to them. If you tell them you’re going 21 days without negative conversations they just might stop coming around.

Gear the genesis of the day toward igniting desire to achieve the mental images of success in your heart and mind. The beginning of the day is fertile soil to develop the proper mindset for the day. There is no time for doubting yourself or creating reasons why today is not the day to take an action toward your life’s work.

Every day is an opportunity to motivate yourself. There will be people who’ll knowingly or unknowingly attempt to distract your attention from your work. Do not allow it. This is primarily a work of the mind so do not allow your mind drift toward distractions of any kind.

People want you living out their dreams and not your own. Fix your mind on developing your character and conditioning your body to take action. Your dream is worth your focus and you’ll only accomplish it if you’re motivated to stay singular in focus.

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