Follow Your Gut

Follow your gut.

After meeting to develop a presentation that a group of five of us will present at California League of Middle Schools Conference I realized a few outcomes from following our gut. At the meeting we…

…fixated on growing healthy habit for ourselves and others.

…created magic together.

…inspired each other.

…believe we’ll inspire others to action and transformation.

This is our passion. This is our chief aim and direction. We are open to whatever happens. We know that we’ll do excellent work because we are doing great work together now.

It boils down to the fact that we have a sincere belief that our lives are meaningful and we’ll provide meaning for others.

Exercise your belief muscle. Just believe. Believe strongly. Believe with passion and emotion. Shut down the filter of your mind for a moment and give your gut access to explore. Act on that instinct. Act upon whatever and or however your gut leads. Living this way will cause you to do things you can’t explain rationally. Do it anyway. Live by the gut. Know that that gut feeling, that gut instinct is your vital connection to the Divine. The gut instinct draws us into the presence of God. Notice it and obey.


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