Step On Fear with a Step of Faith

Fear is present within most if not all humans. Some move through it and others do not. Why are some people able to move forward in the face of fear and others are paralyzed by it? Here is a list of 5 steps you can take to step on fear.

  1. Pick up a journal and do the old school first grade mind map of all your fears. Journaling helps you to become aware of your fears. If you aren’t aware what provokes fear in you how do you know what to confront? Slow down. Put your phone down, turn down the radio, and turn off your computer. Pick up a pen and a journal.
  2. Get a growth coach whose main job in your life is to challege you to take steps of faith and track the accomplishment of those steps.
  3. Replace fearful outcomes with desired outcomes. Draw your desired state and reflect upon that image many times a day. Use multiple colors so that the image burns in your brain brighter than your fear.
  4. Plaster your desired outcome everywhere you can think.
  5. Create a template with 21 spaces. Decide to do one thing for the next 21 straight days. Write a check in the spaces each time that action is performed for 21 days. The action must move you toward your desired state of growth.

Do not wait to move forward toward the idea that’s captured your imagination. It will take faith. So step on fear with a step of faith.

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