Leader, Lead People On a Quest for the Best Idea(s)

To get the most out of  the team you lead create a culture where the best idea wins, PERIOD.

Many teams operate with the following misguided leadership model:

  • The leader’s ideas carry more weight than the group.
  • The leader comes up with the idea and others execute it.
  • The most passionate person in the group wins.
  • The safest idea wins.
  • The most radical idea wins.
  • The idea most people like is the best idea.

There is an impactful alternative to any of these ways of conducting teams, namely, the best idea wins, PERIOD.

Working with groups is difficult. The most important thing in a group is the best idea. A person’s ego is not more important in the best idea. A personal dreams about the future or for the team’s dream about the future isn’t more important in the best idea. Teams are to serve the best idea not the most charismatic.

Therefore, when thinking about how to lead a team ensure that all ideas are on the table. If all ideas aren’t on the table how would the best idea emerge? Discuss obvious and outlandish ideas. It’s crucial in meaningful teamwork to figure out a way for all parties to put ideas on the table in their own way. When they do this the group leader must listen behind the words into the passions of the people. Figure out a system to evaluate those ideas so the best ideas emerge then merge into an original creation. Remember the so-called leader in the group has no more influence over the progression of an idea been any others. The leader functions like a point guard in basketball distributing opportunity for members to express themselves and make comments on other people’s expressions. Leader, create an atmosphere where the best idea can emerge and people will feel comfortable with sense of vulnerability necessary to create outstanding work together.

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