5 Reasons Why Things We Don’t Have Entice Us

Today, did you plan and dream about the future so much that you didn’t notice today’s happenings? Why do we yearn so much for what we possess? What we don’t have entices us. Have you ever spent a day in your own head and forgot about something as simple as the feeling of the sun on your skin or the tingling feelings that shoot through you when you kiss your significant other?

Here are 5 reasons why you and I  lust for what we don’t have.

1. There are no dragons in our dreams. People’s dreams about the future are often filled with flowers but no rain.

2. What we don’t have requires no work. If the dream is just in our head, we have no real work to do. Dreams breaking into reality take risks, failures, setbacks, and hard work. Many of us resist risks, failures, setbacks, and hard work.

3. Anything that moves from dream to reality requires effort. Work opens up problems that long for a solution. Solving problems take much labor.

4. We are bored with life but afraid to journey into the jungle. What or who is in the jungle? Are friends or enemies there? When we get stuck into the routine of life we begin to assume whatever we don’t have is better than what we do have. Safety and comfort is hard to forfiet.

5. We are afraid to act. We have gotten used to others acting upon our behalf. When we don’t act our passion shifts from the work toward things we just want to labor for. Our brains are designed to protect us from danger. Action may take us toward danger but we are designed to cling to safety.

We hear message after message about how we must follow our dreams. The message “follow your dreams” is not wrong; it’s just one small peice of the massive puzzle of life. An alternative to the “follow your dreams” message is we must  make today’s reality our dream. Lets live our dream now. Envision what life ought to be and how you ought to feel as you read these words. Live now as if it is your ideal situation–your dream. Create your conditions today because if you wait for tomorrow then tomorrow will never arrive. Reality is this thing happening presently.





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