All Together Alone

In life’s course, we’re both with others and alone.

We are with those who have lived before us. People before us catapult us toward our unique destiny. All major acts we accomplish are done in the light of other people.

We also stand alone. Many of us have a compelling concept of the future which functions like wind at our back, it pushes us on. Even when we try to run inside and shut the door, the power of the wind blows the door down. It moves us on.

Run from the wind and it’ll catch you. For some, avoiding the wind is not an option.

Run no more. Instead of trying to go your own way against the wind allow the wind to guide and protect you. It is up to you alone to make the choice to head in that direction; it’s also your choice alone to continue on the path.

If you allow the gust to take you, it’ll be your own path. But, remember you must go it alone.

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