Two Peas in a Pod: Plants and People

Plants and people alike must be pruned and replanted from time to time.

The photo is a picture of our garden. After doctors diagnosed Amy (my wife) with breast cancer we planted a garden. We chose to use the our struggle to focus our attention on life and growth.

The top picture shows that same garden in poor condition. It was overgrown and poorly maintained. I did not water the plants regularly nor did I prune them often enough. If I continued to neglect the garden I would still have a garden but I would not have a vegetable producing garden.

The bottom picture shows a garden that has pruned vegetable bushes and replanted vegetables.

Plants and people are alike because we require pruning and replanting in order to grow. If we are going to grow we must honestly notice our current conditions and make continual changes. We must prune or take up plants that we’ve become fond of in order to stay true with the vision for our garden.

Many of us have old friends and destructive habits that slow our growth. Notice the hindrances; prune or replant them. It’s that simple. For the garden, the vision and life of your garden is at stake.  For your life the vision and your very life is at stake. Nothing is worth compromising on you living the life you were intended to live.

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