Are We There Yet?

If we are wired to seek, why then do we encounter so many who have stopped the search?

Many today are going against themselves. They are behaving like an apple tree that’s producing spinach. People have resigned their search to place a dent in the universe that they alone can leave. Safety, security, and vanity have conquered curiosity and adventure. They have committed themselves to comfort and convenience.

Though our knees shake they do not buckle. We have resolved ourselves to seek.

We seek solutions when problems abound.

We look for meaningful connections with others rather than exist in isolation.

We inquire about options three, four, and five when others tell us there is only one or two choices.

We challenge not only other people’s thoughts but also our own.

We grope for ways to animate images in our minds that have aroused our passion for growth, newness, and life on the edge.

We grasp for a life of awe, wonder, mystery and astonishment.

To seek is in us. Though we fail. We will fail forward in our search. Though we tire and take breaks our quest will progress because we seek for on behalf the living and for the sake of generations to come.

We’re not there yet. So we seek.

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