A Great Awakening

Wake up. Wake up to the alarm that rings within you. Arise.

Seize control of your life and create beauty.

There’s an awakening happening today. Great Awakenings have occurred before but today as evident as ever. It’s not religious but it requires faith to see. It’s not religious but it is spiritual. Pockets of people are waking up to incarnate meaningful ideas.

We are seizing control over our own lives through the creation of growth and beauty.

We are passionately living for worthwhile concepts.

We are igniting others to do the same.

We are connecting one to another.

We walk in the strength of our own convictions regardless of its unorthodoxy.

Wake up and spread the following ideas: (1) Humans have the right to seize control of their own life. (2) Humans are here to create beauty and growth from themselves and others.

If one embraces these ideas and call others to do the same, opportunity for all will abound. I’m noticing teachers waking up to possibilities within them, Many are challenging themselves to start new learning experiences. Teachers today are starting teacher powered schools because they believe in taking control over the events in their own life and creating learning ecosystems where young people grow and create beauty for themselves.


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