Into the Dark, Shall We?

Leaders do just that, they lead.

Leaders lead toward newness. They led themselves and others toward new destinations, new realities — into the dark of the unknown. Newness inhabits an address which no one has visited. It’s a place that’s only seen in a leader’s mind’s eye.

How does the leader get there? He/she knows only at the gut level. If one has never been there how then can he/she lead others there? Where is there anyway? The dark.

There’s isn’t a map.

Only certainty.

The leader must walk. While walking the leader will notice people on the sidewalk laughing, jeering, shouting, plotting and praying for his/her demiss. But the leader only has one charge and that’s to move forward into the mystery. Step by step. Moment by moment.

With or without the title or position, will you lead into the dark?

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