15 Actions to Untangle Mental Knots

Far too often I have mental blocks. Here are 15 actions I take in order untangle my imagination from mental knots.

1. Create a new game to play with a child (e.g. hide and go seek with objects found around the house).
2. Play a word game like scrabble and force yourself to think of 3-5 possible moves before you make your final move.

3. Start a project around the house that you’ve never done before (leaky roof here I come).

4. Read a complex book.

5. Listen to a podcast (two of my favorites are Entrepreneur on Fire and Talks With Teachers). Oh yeah, I think mine is pretty goo too Growthucator Podcast.

6. Meet up with a group of creative people (if you can’t travel set up a Hangout on Google Plus or Skype).

7. Jot down your thoughts.

8. Start a new project or program at your job.

9. Sleep 8+ hours and take a nap every day for one week.

10. Watch commercials instead of television programs and write down what they sale and the reason they think you think should buy it.

11. Go for a walk and keep a notepad in your hand.

12. Create a mind map on any topic of your choosing (see Tony Buzan’s ideas on mind maps) .

13. Sit for 5-15 minutes with your eyes closed and listen/watch to your mental images, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Jot down what you noticed when finished.

14. Write five things you are thankful for each day for one week.

15. Notice five things about five things in the room you spend most of your time in.

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