“If you wish to become significantly better at something, you can.”

Anders Ericsson

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Put Your Bloodstream in Your Instructional Designs 

I was reading a book by the singer / songwriter Prince called The Beautiful Ones. In it he said, “If I could put my bloodstream on vinyl.” This quote called my attention. I began to contemplate what he meant by this concept “If only I could put my bloodstream on vinyl.”  If only I could…

Live the Quiet Classroom Life

Live the quiet classroom life. Gift yourself with the opportunity of quietly instructing and designing instruction. Instructors need time to think. Some assume running around and doing, doing, doing is the best approach to the task of teaching. What teaching gets done when one is always on the run? Take time to think, instructor. Turn…

No Detail is Too Small

Is there anything too small to consider when thinking about instruction and instructional design? No. There’s is no detail too small when thinking about instruction and instructional design. Every instructional design element needs attention; it deservesattention; it screams for attention. And guess what? We give it attention. From pre-instruction, to instruction, to even post instruction,…

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