Your idea is useless if it’s locked up in your head. I don’t know you but I know this: Your Idea is Big, Bold, and Beautiful.

Free it to see the light.

Your idea needs to be made for some eager learners somewhere in the form of a CURRICULUM.


Books Are Oversaturated

Daily 12,000 books are published. That’s 4,000,000 books yearly. I want to be wrong about this. But, I’m not. Google it.

Books Can Be Impractical

The most practical books can be tough to apply. They are written for readers…NOT DOERS.

Make a Curriculum

We don’t need more books but we still more learning. Unleash your idea, don’t add to the book crapload. MAKE A CURRICULUM.

This website is all about making curriculums.

Here’s a thought, I’ll partner with you to make a curriculum for the people hungry and thirsty for the Big, Bold, and Beautiful ideas stuck in your head.

NOTE:I teach Literature, Persuasion, and Writing…by day. By night…I make, market, and sell curriculums. 

I can turn make your idea a curriculum.

Since I carry a full teaching schedule (the teaching keeps my curriculums fresh), I take 4 clients per year. I have only 3 spots left. 

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Maybe you are still unsure how Curriculums can turn your idea into a curriculum and help your business move forward. 

Listen to this testimonial from Reggie Ward, the founder and CEO of 

We helped Reggie turn an idea into curriculum and move us both along the road to leaving a legacy. 


Now you’re feeling like you might want to speak to me about turning your idea into a curriculum.

But, you want to know how what our service options are which will fit your needs.  


Here are my 3 service options.

If you’ve read this far, you are ready to talk to someone who cares to unleash your locked ideas and turn them into something that will help your business, something you can help others with, and something which can leave behind a legacy. Contact me by clicking the “Click Here” button below.  

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Bryan Carter

P.S. Just a reminder. I only take 4 clients per year. I’m working with one client and in negotiations with another. Spots are limited.